Shibuya VR Land: Tokyo’s Newest Virtual Reality Attraction

Shibuya VR Land: Tokyo’s Newest Virtual Reality Attraction
27 June 2017 Cindy Chen Pop Culture, Spots

Being out of touch with the VR world and a coward in general, the attractions at the new Shibuya VR Land was almost too much thrill to handle. It was there that I experienced my single highest adrenaline spike, in my entire year in Japan. Make that spikes.

Located within the Shibuya MODI shopping center, Shibuya VR Land officially opened its doors on June 24, 2017. For an admissions fee of ¥2,200 (US$20), guests can spend a thrilling hour away from reality in five virtual worlds.

Ultra Reverse Bungee, for instance, creates the experience of being catapulted into space. They do a pretty convincing job of recreating the altitude and the terrible stomach drop. It all still feels like it could be a standard ride, until your eyes are showing you that you’ve been catapulted into space and are now plunging back to earth like a comet on fire. Just know that they take you a long way while keeping you strapped in a humble theater style seat.

is a rhythm game, not unlike DDR or the drumming game Taiko no Tatsujin, except that AIRTONE is an all-out surround-sound psychedelic party, where you can jam out without feeling self-conscious at all.

Other experiences include: a doomed tour through a haunted hospital, the most satisfying shooting game, just about ever and, being deliciously cornered by one of three beautiful boys (and one gal) of your choosing.

Huis Ten Bosch, the company that created Shibuya VR Land, also has a theme park featuring VR attractions in Sasebo, Nagasaki. Going through each of the five stations at the Shibuya VR Land circuit was like opening a present each time. You just don’t know where your goggles and earphones will transport you to.

For more VR fun in Tokyo, check out Joypolis, a virtual-reality theme park in Odaiba (大台場), and Dospara VR Paradise complex in Akihabara (秋葉原). Or hang on tight until July 14, when Bandai Namco will be launching its flagship arcade in Shinjuku (新宿), which is expected to feature 15 virtual reality attractions.


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