Realm of Entertainment - Nipponbashi

Realm of Entertainment - Nipponbashi
24 March 2016 Shohei Fujita Pop Culture

If you love pop culture, you shouldn’t go to Nipponbashi without being prepared, or your bank account will be completely emptied. You will lose yourself in the labyrinth of pop culture, and end up buying a small anime figure with your last 100 yen.

I describe it as labyrinth, and it truly is. Every single one of these shops must have been built to have customer lose their sense of direction. If you are going to challenge this maze, you have to sharpen up your sense of want. You have to turn into hungry wolf, or else you will be hunted down by strafe gunfire of content.

Even if you successfully progress and get out of one of these mazes, there are more waiting for you. If you love playing NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), there are tons of retro game shops. If you love cosplay, there are tons of costume shops. If you love card games, there are tons of card dealer shops. Anything you love will be there. But the first thing you’ll see there is overwhelming amount of products and contents.

I can safely say that this realm of entertainment is built upon the human desire for fun. Everything is related to fictional things. The most eye-catching contents are the Kawaii goods, of course; Male and female characters that have intense hair colors, unreal costumes, and are covered in sparkling decorations. Even “real” male and female stars seem like they are lacking color variety.

What makes these stores interesting is amount of contents. Each product is light and colorful, really easy to pick up and to have fun with. But, they are stockpiled and showcased carefully that makes great tapestry of pop culture. I think this article will be tagged as “Pop Culture”, but I don’t know if that’s correct. Yes it is “Pop Culture”, though it’s also quite deep and heavy. Wandering this city makes me feel lost in a library which has great books but exit.

Visiting Nipponbashi will be a pilgrimage for people who devote themselves to pop culture. You will witness all kinds of things related to this devotion. It also could be an eye-opener for new comers. Experiences may vary, but finding a NES cartridge of “Castlevania” was my case. Go ahead and visit there with bravery. You will find your own treasures at the unknown shops in these streets.

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