Piko Taro's Lullaby: The PPAP Sensation's New Anime

Piko Taro's Lullaby: The PPAP Sensation's New Anime
28 June 2017 Peter Martin Pop Culture

Pico Taro stormed the Internet with his massive hit PPAP. So much so it brought Justin Bieber to Japan to co-star in a commercial for no reason.

Some would consider that the pinnacle of any career, quit, and go live in a forest somewhere.

Those people aren’t Pico Taro who has decided to expand his media empire by delving into the world of animation. The cartoon will be about Taro himself, but the more interesting part is that the script will be a three minute improvisation. In his own words, he wanted the script to be something that “couldn’t be imagined”.

All we know at the moment is the title, Pico Taro’s Lullaby, and a description that it’s a kind of fairy tale. We also know that Taro is doing the production, planning and not surprisingly considering his claim to internet fame, the music.

That’s great if you are a fan of Pico, which I am not. I AM a fan of Takashi Taniguchi who is set to direct the short. Most famous for Ando in the woods. What he should be most famous for is the creation of SalaryMan Man, the single greatest superhero to ever grace a screen. You should stop everything and watch this video multiple times. Taniguchi’s videos should be your primary source to study Japanese.

The combination of two unusual, interesting, and more (importantly currently) viral minds, means the resulting content should be an entertaining assault on the senses that stays with you for days.

So far only a title screen has been released. You can see Taro sleeping with snot bubbles coming out of his nose. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese anime, sleeping people are often depicted with a bubble coming out of their nose that expands and contracts as they breathe. Usually, it pops if they wake up suddenly. Within each bubble is a fairy tale character. In the picture above, you can make out a beanstalk making its way to the clouds, and what was reported as Cinderella.

There is no way improvising all the characters’ script was an easy task. Taro said it was so tough he “grew two more chest hairs.” Well done, hopefully it has the same effect on viewers.

Where can you see this opus when it is released? First it’s going to be on domestic TV, but it will be released on the Internet this summer. Just in time for some bedtime stories.

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