A Four-Minute Journey Through The Heart Of Japan

06 April 2016 Meghan Bridges Pop Culture, Experience, Features

Over the course of three weeks, Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, and Alex Tank took an epic journey through Japan exploring the traditional, the modern, and everything in between. Experience their journey with them as they set out from the modern cities and dive into the unique world that Japan has created.

Izanau reached out to Vincent to ask him about Japan and his travels, and this is what he had to say:

Every year, I wanna do at least one fun trip with some of my friends to make a film. We decided on Japan this time as all 3 of us were there before for snowboarding and we loved it, but we never had the chance to see all the cultural sights and enjoy the warmer days. That was our chance to really explore the country.

I already did a couple of these movies about other parts of the world; you can see them all on my channel: https://vimeo.com/vincenturban

Japan has a very unique culture that is hard to grasp for Europeans like us but therefore even more fascinating to experience. The language, the scripture, the religion and also the more modern cultural artefacts like comics and television are very different to what we grew up with so, it’s just amazing to sink in and discover. But it would take a lot more time to really understand. What is pretty obvious though is that Japanese people are very kind and welcoming. I’d always come back.

The most memorable part of the trip, that really stood out for me, was the Time-lapse of Mt.Fuji (at 2:55). We went to Lake Yamanaka for a one-night trip from Tokyo and rented a room in a nice little hotel. To get the shot we got up at 2am, took some mattresses and lots of blankets from the hotel and put them right on the shore of the lake. It was really cold up there so we set up the tripod and the camera and then covered ourselves completely with the blankets and waited it out for 6 hours.

Overall, I would say that I really love the energy and vastness of Tokyo. It’s such an impressive city in every aspect. But from the smaller places outside of Tokyo I was really impressed by Koyasan, especially because I didn’t hear much about it before getting there and there’s not much Western tourists going. It was quite magical.

[Editor's note: Vincent's reply has been published as-is.]

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