Classic Upright Game Madness – Nipponbashi Arcade “Kinaco”

Classic Upright Game Madness – Nipponbashi Arcade “Kinaco”
08 March 2016 Shohei Fujita Pop Culture

Kinaco is a local game arcade located in the Nipponbashi area of Osaka. The area itself is a kingdom of electronics and entertainment, where you can buy all kinds of computer parts, video games, and “Otaku” related goods. Before visiting Kinaco, I took a walk around the area, and if you are looking for items like an oscilloscope, a 200 meter long Belden audio cable, any kind of signal transmitter, a whole tailor made maid costume, a full Blu-ray box set of your new favorite anime, or circuit boards  with totally unknown purposes , this is the place for you!

 So when I heard about Kinaco and its concept, I wasn't surprised that it is located in Nipponbashi. It is an ordinary game arcade, but specializes in classic Atari upright games. I went in and played a bunch of the games, and found that most of them were made in 80's. Holy cow, they are older than me and played so smooth! I actually went crazy playing "Asteroids" by Atari, putting in more than 10 coins in a row.

If you have an nostalgic bone to pick with old 80`s arcade games like – “Black Widow”, “Punchout!”, “Paperboy”, “Quantum” and so on, you definitely should visit ! Every single game is charming and fun; perfect for the classic arcade game junkie! Note that Kinaco is open on Sundays only. The owner, running the place seemingly just for fun, commented on this saying “We don`t get many customers on the weekdays!” So before visiting, be sure to check the Kinaco twitter to make sure it’s open!

Beat my high score on “Asteroids”!

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