Criminal “Foot Licker” Arrested in Japan

Criminal “Foot Licker” Arrested in Japan
04 December 2016 Peter Martin News & Events

Crime is something we hear about so much these days that we become desensitized to the stories very easily. So when a story stands out it has to be shocking in a pretty unique way.

Recently in Japan there was such a story.

There are a lot of groping and sexual assault stories in Japan. This has resulted in Women only train cars and attention on a national level. Rarely would you stop to consider the commitment or mindset of the assailant. They’re generally disgusting men with no self-control. Yet in this case, I found myself doing pondering what was going through the minds of both parties. 

You see, a man was arrested for licking a woman’s foot. That in itself is odd, sure, but not exactly headline news. The part that struck me was that he licked her foot for 30 minutes straight.

There are two questions that occur to me: What was he thinking that whole time and way more importantly, what was she thinking THAT WHOLE TIME?

It’s hard to imagine the victim’s thought process. At first there had to be terror. A man has gotten you into an enclosed, trapped place and gotten a hold of your foot and started licking it. That indicates a certain set of sensibilities, which would terrify someone as the incident escalates, because this is the kind of situation that seems like it would escalate in the worst way.

The man got the woman to get into his car with a plea for help, claiming he needed her assistance to fix his breaks. He then got ahold of her foot, took off her sandal and started licking and grasping her leg so she couldn’t escape.

That’s the first few minutes, then the adrenaline and shock start to wear off. Now the woman must be having more thoughts about the situation. She still wouldn’t know it isn’t going to get worse than this, so that terror is still there. She would be looking for help, or a way out of this situation. This happened at night on a fairly empty street, so there was no help coming.

Then it gets to the ten minute or fifteen minute mark. This is when it might sink in that the criminal in this situation isn’t escalating, he’s just...still...licking. The undertone, the threat is always going to be there and I am assuming this is what kept this woman from kicking him in the face and making a dash for it.

Then it’s getting to the 25 minute point and I have to believe she has to be wondering how much longer he is going to go for.

The problem with Japanese police statements is they tend to be spartan with details. All we know is that after it was over, the son of a bitch thanked her and she was free to go.

I move, then, to what was going through the mind of the assailant in this case. Fetishes are unique. There are a lot I can understand, but wouldn’t have much desire to do. I try to think of the things I love that would be in some way akin to foot licking and there aren’t many (that I openly want to talk about on the internet).

It’s just...30 minutes is a long time for this kind of activity. In his head he has worked himself up to the point where he is grabbing a stranger, pulling off their shoe and start licking their feet.

For him this is a success. The fantasy has become a reality. We don’t know if the woman’s resistance is part of the fantasy, but it couldn’t have been an easy start. Then there is the same process of going through the 5 minute periods that make up this entire assault.

First five to ten minutes: this is happening, I’m doing it. To me, that’s the point when you figure things would have to change. Either go for more or back off. Maybe buoyed by the thought that this might be his one and only chance to follow through he figured he would get as much as he could out of the moment. I still can’t see how that would get you past the 20 minute mark.

Now he’s getting to the point where he’s thinking “Hmmm, this is great and all, but I think I might be done now.” So he just stops. He was comfortable enough to speak to her, thanking her as if she was a willing participant. Maybe in his mind she was enjoying it as much as he was. He probably thought it was all over and done with and was ready to get on with his night.

When the Police picked him up he had the most rock solid alibi I have ever heard come from a criminal. He “didn’t remember this at all”. The Police have managed to link him to other similar foot licking assaults and his trial is pending.

While the above is aimed to be entertaining, there are two things to remember. First, this was a real attack with a real victim and while the physical harm was minimal, the victim cannot have come away unscathed.

Worse, sexual assault in Japan generally comes with little to no punishment. Rapes are often dismissed if the culprit apologizes. There is a very good chance this man will be told to apologize, promise not to do it again and be off without even a fine. Let off to do it, again, as his history attests to.

ED. Note- After this article was written, the Foot Licker struck again! He did it again and denied it.

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