How to transform Japanese Kit-Kats into Christmas Cookies!

How to transform Japanese Kit-Kats into Christmas Cookies!
28 November 2016 Melissa Meaglia Food

Every couple of months, Nestle’s Kit Kat releases special limited edition flavors (期間限定;kikan gentei), and the latest flavor does not disappoint! Welcome to the shelves, butter cookie Kit Kats!

Nestle is definitely capitalizing on the approaching Christmas season with its festive red and green packaging. The holly leaves are a nice touch, and the champagne glasses and party poppers have us looking forward to New Year already (there’s even a warning that the Kit Kats contain 0.17% alcohol)! You can buy the full package of thirteen Kit Kats, which are slightly smaller than their American counterparts, or a smaller pack with four Kit Kats from the convenience stores. Of course they couldn’t just market these as butter cookie flavor – they’re toastable butter cookie flavor! This is a huge trend with Kit Kats in Japan, and it definitely looks appetizing!

But first they must pass the standard taste test.

The flavor is subtle, but it does taste like shortbread or sugar cookies. If you find yourself craving Christmas cookies but lack an oven to bake, it’s a nice substitute. Of course we must take the next step and do as the package instructs: toast them! Even each of the individual packaging tells us to! They must be even more like Christmas cookies when warm. I have to admit this is my first time attempting to toast Kit Kats, so I’m eager to see how much the taste will be elevated.

There’s a set of detailed instructions on the back of the packaging.

First put down some aluminum foil (cookie sheet paper will do just fine) and lay the Kit Kats flat on the tray of your toaster oven (obviously take the Kit Kats out of the packing first). Some warnings: don’t put the Kit Kats directly on the rack in the toaster oven, don’t use aluminum cups, and don’t wrap the aluminum foil around the Kit Kats. Ok, check.

A tip is to put them in the fridge to get them chilly first, which will make them toast evenly.

Next, without preheating the oven, put them in! You’ll know they’re ready when the color changes to a golden brown. Let ‘em cool down and then, enjoy! They’re only supposed to be toasted for a short time, so watch them carefully. Also, when the surface starts changing color, they will burn quickly, so be alert. And of course don’t let little kids do this unsupervised.

Now it’s my turn.

I lined up four Kit Kats on a baking sheet as directed. The packaging recommends two to two and a half minutes of toasting per three or four Kit Kats in a 1000-watt oven. Unfortunately it doesn’t say which setting is best - my oven has low, medium, high, as well as (up) and (down). After two minutes on the medium setting, as I feared, the chocolate began to melt. Once I switched to they toasted beautifully in no time!

Let the Kit Kats cool down for a little bit before tasting them. When I took them off of the tray, I was surprised to find they had hardened up. I was even more shocked to find that they had crisped up just like cookies. They are very flaky, like pie crust!

I was pretty skeptical of baking Kit Kats at first, but the results are shocking - they are just like real cookies! I definitely recommend giving it a try even if you’re overseas; just head over to the Concierge to have the packs of Kit Kat delivered to you!

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