5 Highlights Of Anime Japan 2017

5 Highlights Of Anime Japan 2017
28 March 2017 Agnes Chen News & Events

So you weren't able to attend Anime Japan 2017, the biggest annual anime event in Japan... Not to fret! IZANAU is here to report on exactly what you missed this weekend.

Here are some highlights, fresh from the venue! 

1. This life-sized ATTACK ON TITAN statue!

To celebrate the upcoming second season of the anime, a giant statue was erected in the middle of the venue.

Accompanying him were two cosplayers in titan bodysuits, and one scary two-foot-tall class titan. Altogether, they made for a scary sight. 

2. These real life Yuri!!! On Ice figure skating costumes

Yuri!!! On Ice might have finished its run on TV, but the awesome characters and engaging storylines will forever live on in our hearts! The only thing we can do to fill this hole in our souls as good little consumers is seek out the merchandise, and what better than real-life recreations of Victor and Yuri's costumes?

3. A chance to try making your own kumihimo (plaited cord) bracelet

You may remember the captivating traditional craft featured in the 2016 hit anime movie Your Name. Well, Anime Japan 2017 teamed up with some traditional Japanese craftsman to hold a kumihimo (組み紐)-crafting classroom for fans who wanted to try this craft out for themselves!

For 3000 yen, fans paid for a seat and personalized instruction at this classroom, and came out with their own customized bracelets. Judging by how cool the end product looks, I’d say it's definitely worth it! 

4. The ultimate Cardcaptor Sakura fan dream booth

If you would consider Cardcaptor Sakura to be a large part of your childhood, then Anime Japan 2017 had the perfect display booth for you! 

Featuring these awesome, event-only clear file folders, these are not to be missed! 

5. Tons of amazing cosplay

Remember to check the hashtag #AJコスプレ参戦  to see all the wonderful cosplays that you missed!

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